THE PAINT WAGON: A new kind of Online Co-op.

We are a network of artists, artisans, designers and collectors supporting each other through the exchange of knowledge, inspiration and resources while also sharing our professional services & “years-in-the-trade” wisdom with the ever-expanding “D-I-Y” community.

Simply put; Etsy + Pinterest + LinkedIn + Service Magic + This Old House’s Q&A Forum = The Paint Wagon

The concept of “The Paint Wagon” was born out of a common bond between a group of friends for their love of dumpster diving and “re-vamping” others thrown away furniture & wares. Not a new concept, we had all been doing it for years, either as hobby or professionally, bouncing project ideas and style tips off one another and swapping magazines like they were going out of style. We recognized that we were surrounded by so many talented people, all with their own aesthetic and craft and tried for years to figure out ways that we could all work together without having to “work together” as we are also all commonly afflicted by the travel bug and very few of us had acquired the ability to stay in one place. So we knew we had to be mobile and a traditional bricks-and-mortar shop was out of the question. We realized that there was A LOT of people offering salvaged, painted furniture and faux finishing and the basic tools and techniques required for both; but there were very few, if any, who were offering “fine” finishing and advanced techniques and the information and hands-on services to accompany them.

We are not selling you expensive paints and the expensive classes on how to apply them. All the knowledge we have to offer is free. In fact we’ll even show you how to make your own paint and finishes to bypass the expensive designer name paints and finishes…(but please do check out our Shop of: Hand-Finished Furniture, Hand-Picked Ecclectibles and Hand-Crafted Wares).

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 Artists At Large

larraLarra Campbell
Medium/Craft- Painted Furniture, Fine Finishes & Wares, Stained Glass, Photography, Writing
Style- Organic Eclectic
Locations- Cape May, Philadelphia, Savannah
Story- Apprenticeships in Stained Glass and Architectural Restoration & Refinishing, Faux Finishing…more




Christie Smith
Medium/Craft- Watercolors, Oil on Canvas, Fine & Faux Finishes & Wares
Style- Refined Contemporary
Locations- Savannah, Chicago
Story- Michigan State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts…more




Adela Holmes
Medium/Craft- Photography & Canvas
Style- Abstract, Modern/Contemporary
Locations- Miami, Savannah, Berlin
Story- SCAD Interior Design and Photography degrees…more




Jessica Avant
Medium- Interior Design
Style- Vintage Romantic
Locations- Atlanta and Suburbs, Savannah
Story- Interior Design degree Georgia Southern…more





Carl Popadick
Skill- Fine Carpentry
Style- Traditionalist (if there ever was one)
Location- Lancaster, Philadelphia
Story- Oh where, oh where does one begin with the story of the “ole Woodfitter.” Well, it all started in a Spencer’s gift store… more


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